An Explanation As To How Laser Hair Removal Works

Laser hair removal, once a radical treatment, is now becoming almost mainstream. Radio advertisements, celebrity endorsements, and magazine coverage have caused many women to hear about this treatment and try to figure out if it's in their budget. However, many people don't know how laser hair removal actually works. 1. Make Sure That You Take Safety Precautions You're aiming a concentrated laser at the skin on your legs. This can cause damage if the skin is weakened. Read More 

3 Spa Treatments To Get Before Your Wedding Day

Your wedding day is so exciting and special; however, the time period leading up to it can be stressful as your wedding planning reaches a fever pitch. It is important to take a step back from your anxiety and to appreciate this unique time in your life. After all, it only happens once. A perfect way to "be in the moment" while preparing for your wedding is to book a day at a spa right before your big day. Read More