Maximizing Comfort Through Difficult Struggles — Advantages Of Cold Cap Use

Dealing with cancer can sometimes feel like an insurmountable challenge that comes with side effects that are entirely unfair. The very medicine that might eventually allow you to recover can cause other damage to your body that can be truly demoralizing, leaving you looking for answers and ways to mitigate negative effects, like hair loss.

One way to increase your comfort and keep your hair loss under control is to embrace the use of a cold cap. Below, you'll find a guide to some of the advantages of integrating a cold cap into your chemotherapy routine. Hopefully, this gives you the confidence to pursue this solution and put yourself in a position to minimize the troubling treatment side effects.

Decreased Hair Loss

Whether you're trying to keep your treatment as private as possible or you simply want to maintain maximum normalcy, minimizing hair loss during chemotherapy is a goal for many people. 

A cold cap works by pumping cooled fluid through a skull cap, which is then held in place by an additional neoprene cap. This stable application of cold can offer a degree of protection by constricting blood vessels, which prevents the chemotherapy medicine from reaching the hair follicles, and thereby prevents your hair from falling out.

Increased Data

It's difficult to ask someone already undergoing a tough medical fight to be willing to make sacrifices in the name of science. However, many advances are made through studying active treatment, and securing a more comfortable future for other patients is one potential benefit to your cold cap usage.

Your doctors will keep careful track of the effects your cold cap has on you, and from that information, they may be able to generate reports to help future patients. In fact, more consistent research may also impact your treatment as well, as it can be another way by which your doctors track the efficacy of your chemotherapy regimen.

Lifted Spirits

Ultimately, your mental health may be challenged as much as your physical health during a cancer fight. The struggle of going through procedures every day without knowing whether they're making a difference can be a difficult one, and taking any action you can to make you feel more in control is important. A cold cap can be a symbol of your desire to get your life back, and can make you feel like an active participant in your fight against a deadly disease.