3 Excellent Services Offered At A Barbershop

Most barbershops offer a variety of excellent services that most men really enjoy and find to be very beneficial. This article will talk about 3 of these services in particular:

Straight Razor Shave 

One service offered by most barbershops that men seem to really enjoy is a straight razor shave. This is a classic way of shaving using a razor that has sharp edges for shaving. The barber will start off by placing a warm cloth on your face to loosen up the hair follicles and soften your skin. This makes it easier for them to then use the razor to remove all of the hair off of your face. They pull your face tight and then carefully use the razor to cut all of the hair off. They cut the hair flush with your skin, giving you a very smooth feeling once they are all done, They will then add an aftershave and a lotion to your skin to protect it from becoming too dry. 

Scalp Massage

Another awesome service offered at a barber shop is a scalp massage. This is an excellent service for multiple reasons. For one thing, the scalp massage is very relaxing and enjoyable for you. Also, the massage does an excellent job of removing things like dandruff and loose hair particles from your hair so that it is as healthy and clean as possible. Even though men have short hair, it is still very important that their hair and scalp are well taken care of. 

Eyebrow Shaping 

Some men prefer to have their eyebrows shaped and waxed in order to keep them under control and give them a more definitive shape. This is due to the fact that many men have very overgrown and unruly eyebrows if they are left alone, thus creating the look of a giant caterpillar on their forehead. Most barbershops see the necessity for helping men with their brows so they offer eyebrow shaping services. They use wax, tweezers, trimmers, or some other method to remove the stray hairs that distract from the overall shape of the brows, and they also generally wax or tweeze the entire uni-brow area. The trimmers are also used to shorten any brow hairs that may be longer than they need to be. When the barber is done, your eyebrows will look much more well kept, while still looking for a manly in shape and other features. 

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