3 Tips For Waxing Aftercare

Waxing is a popular method of removing face and body hair because the hair returns slower than when using other methods, such as shaving, where the hair is only removed above the skin. Developing a good aftercare routine can reduce any issues with waxing.

Cool Inflammation

For some people, especially those with sensitive skin, waxing might cause some irritation. To calm any redness, simply use an ice cube wrapped in a clean, paper towel and dab the area lightly. The goal is to calm the skin using cold, but not cause any additional problems that would occur by placing ice directly on the skin. You might try this multiple times after your waxing session, a few seconds at a time. Most people find any redness or tenderness is gone by the next day. If you develop any concerns beyond simple, short-term irritation, you may need to choose another hair removal method for people with extremely sensitive skin.

Avoid Touching The Area

Touching a freshly-waxed area, even days later, might lead to pesky bumps. If you are having your face waxed, try to schedule your appointment for a time when you will not wear makeup or other face products for a couple of days afterward. This is also a good time to remember to wash your makeup brushes and sponges if you have not done so already. Additionally, remind yourself to not touch the waxed area for several days. Oil and bacteria on your hands can easily lead to clogged pores. When washing a freshly-waxed area, use a mild soap and use clean hands or a fresh washcloth to gently wash the area. Generally, face cleaners are formulated to be mild. If you had a bikini wax, you may want to change soaps to types specifically formulated for this area. They do not have scents or other ingredients that may be especially bothersome after waxing.

Establish A Routine

Learn how rapidly your hair grows back after a waxing so you can establish a routine. Generally, you cannot have your hair waxed if it is under a quart-inch long, otherwise, the wax will not catch the hairs. The major benefit of routine waxing is any minor issues you encounter after waxing should become less problematic as your skin becomes accustomed to the process. It is also possible the hair will not grow back as easily because the hair is being removed at the root. The abrupt and frequent removal of hair through waxing may cause damage to the hair bulb, making it difficult or impossible for individual hairs to come back. This means you may be able to schedule waxings less often or you seem less hairy between sessions.

Waxing is often an easier hair removal method because you can remove large areas of hair at once. The way you care for the area after waxing can prevent many skin-related issues. To learn more, contact a waxing spa like Posh Hair Spa & Waxing