3 Ways To Find A Good Barber Without All The Trial And Error

A good haircut can give you confidence and a great boost to your self-image. A bad haircut can do the exact opposite. Here is how you can tell if your potential barber is a good one or one to walk away from.

1. Ask People 

Many barbers rely completely on reputation. If you ask around, you'll likely find a barber that many people go to or one that gave them a good experience. People will often volunteer information about a good barber, or give you horror stories about an experience they had with a bad barber.

You can ask people on the street, online, or at work. Usually, a few names or businesses will come up more than others. Look into those barbers you hear several good things about.

2. Take a Look at the Barbershop

Don't feel afraid to step into a barbershop to take a look at what's going on. Here are a few things you should look for:

  • The cleanliness of the barbershop
  • The general hair types of the people in the seats or waiting
  • The overall atmosphere of the barbershop
  • How busy the barbershop seems

You should also take time to look at the equipment the barbers use and whether they're keeping the tools clean between cuts.

Another thing to watch closely is the barber at work.

  • Is the barber rushing through the cut or skipping preparation steps?
  • Is the barber performing adequate care after the cut or shave?

You can see a lot of these things just from a few minutes of observation. If you find things you don't like, move on.

3. Get a Simple Cut

After some observation, you can go ahead and get a simple cut. Keeping it simple minimizes the possibility the barber can get it wrong. However, this will give you an opportunity to test the barber out without sacrificing too much.

When you sit down, see how much the barber offers you by way of communication.

  • Does the barber seem too eager to start?
  • Is the barber asking you questions and communicating with you on a personal level?

The barber who takes their time while spending the time to get to know exactly what it is you want is typically a good barber.

Keep that communication going. The barber isn't a mind reader. If you're not sure of where the barber is going with your cut, ask about it. Don't try to tell the barber how to do their job, but do make your expectations known.

A little trial and error is unavoidable. But, with these tips, you can eliminate some of those errors and find barber services suitable to your needs that much faster.