4 Tips For Using Chemo Cold Caps

One of the most challenging times in life might be being diagnosed with cancer. This can be a very emotional event that may have a severe impact on your life. However, there are many things you can do that will help you deal with this challenge. One of these may be using a cold chemo cap to reduce hair loss. Knowing the proper tips to assist you in doing so can be of great help.

1. Be mindful of hair treatments

You'll want to avoid using chemicals on your hair when it comes to the day of your actual treatment. If you do intend to have, your hair colored, it's a good idea to do this a few days or longer beforehand.

Something you'll also want to avoid doing is avoiding washing your hair on the day of your chemotherapy appointment. This will allow you to wear the cold chemo cap with greater ease and results.

2. Consider the showerhead

Washing your hair is a task you'll want to be much more mindful of when receiving treatment. It's a good idea not to rely on a shower head with a lot of water pressure.

This could be the way to harsh on your head when using this device, and ensuring you have the showerhead settings to use the lowest possible pressure is in your best interest.

3. Use a satin pillowcase

Sleeping on the right pillowcase each night can be an ideal way to ensure your hair remains in the best condition. It's great to buy a satin pillowcase to allow you to do this because it can help your hair from detangling and breaking.

4. Wash gently

It's vital to avoid scrubbing your head too harshly when washing and conditioning your hair. This is something you may have done in the past, but using a cold chemo cap will change how you handle your hair.

It's essential to be much gentler when washing your hair when relying on this device during your chemotherapy. Sleeping on a satin pillowcase is a luxury you'll want to do for yourself during this difficult situation. 

Relying on the right things to do when going through this medical condition can lift your spirits. Being able to keep your hair in the same condition before being diagnosed can be ideal. Working closely with a hair and skin professional in your surrounding area and wearing a chemo cold cap are both great places to start.