What To Expect When Getting A Keratin Treatment

If you're unhappy with how your hair looks and feels, there are different hair treatments and services that you can invest in to make the changes that you crave. A keratin treatment, for example, is a treatment that can reduce frizz, smooth your hair, and add more shine. Many people choose to get this treatment done if they have very frizzy or thick hair that is hard to handle. If you think that you can benefit from this treatment, you may be wondering what to expect. Keep reading to better understand what to expect when getting a keratin hair treatment.

First, Your Hair Will Be Prepped

Before the keratin treatment is applied to your hair, your hairstylist will prepare your hair. This usually involves a shampooing, which will clarify your hair and get it ready for the next steps.

Then, the Keratin Treatment Will Be Applied

The next step is to apply the keratin treatment to your hair. Some salons do this while your hair is still wet, while others do it after drying your hair. 

After Some Time, Your Hair Will Be Rinsed

Your hair will then be rinsed after the treatment sets in your hair for a specific amount of time. This helps to get some of the excess product out. 

Heat Is Added to Seal in the Treatment

In order to make the keratin treatment stick, heat will be added to your hair. Usually, the stylist will heat iron each piece of hair. 

Expect the Treatment to Take Time

If you want to get a keratin treatment done, you need to plan to be at the salon for some time. This is not the kind of treatment or service that you can do and be in and out. Instead, it can easily take a few hours. The exact amount of time really varies based on how long and thick your hair is and what the salon's schedule is like for the day.

Follow the Aftercare Instructions

Make sure to listen to your stylist and follow all aftercare instructions. Most treatments will require you to avoid getting your hair wet for a day or two. This helps to make sure that the process seals in. They may also suggest that you wear your hair down and not in a ponytail to avoid getting a crease in your hair. Once the timeline is up, you can shower and take care of your hair as you normally would.

If you're interested in getting a keratin smoothing treatment, reach out to a local hair salon to set up an appointment. Your hair will thank you!