Laser Hair Removal: Where Can You Have It Done?

Laser hair removal is a growing trend when it comes to having more permanent hair removal done on your body. Most people who have a single session of laser hair removal done come back for further treatments.

Where can you have laser hair removal done? You can have this treatment done on a variety of body parts, although some may be more sensitive than others. Learn the most common areas where laser hair removal is done; in order to get the best results, you will need to return for multiple treatments.

The upper lip

If your upper lip is dark and noticeable and shaving or waxing this part of your body is uncomfortable, consider having laser hair removal done. Laser hair removal can be an excellent solution to permanently removing the dark, thick hairs around your lip line. If you have a few stray hairs on your chin or other parts of your face, ask your laser hair removal specialist if they can treat these areas for you.

The legs

The lower legs are a common laser hair removal location, although you can get your entire legs done. When you first have laser hair removal done on your body, the hair follicles that have been attacked will become red and swollen. After healing, the parts of the body that have been treated will be smooth and free of hair. For larger areas of the body, expect the process to take longer per session and multiple sessions to get the results you want.

The bikini area

You can have laser hair removal done on the bikini area to limit the amount of shaving you do or to keep ingrown hairs at bay. The bikini area may include removing hair around the buttocks as well and can be done along with having the legs treated, although it is often more comfortable to spot treat these tender areas.

The underarms

Laser hair removal is effective on the underarms, to give you smoother underarms that you don't have to shave as often. If you're sensitive to razors or waxing in your underarms, having laser hair removal done can be a wise solution for you.

Costs vary for laser hair removal, depending on where you have the treatment done, how frequently you have the treatment done, and other factors. For more information about laser hair removal, or to learn more about the procedure and how you can have laser treatments done on your skin, reach out to a local professional.