Using CBD Cream For Achilles Tendinitis

Achilles tendinitis can be a real pain in the heel. It's important to see a doctor or podiatrist to rule out the possibility of an actual tear in the tendon. But once that's crossed off the list, you'll generally just be told to manage the tendinitis with rest, pain relievers, and other conservative therapies. In addition to the typical remedies your doctors recommend, you may want to try using some CBD cream. Here's some more information about using CBD cream to manage your Achilles tendinitis.

How does CBD cream help ease Achilles tendon pain?

It's important to note that CBD cream is not a cure for Achilles tendinitis. It can, however, help ease the symptoms while also making it easier for your body to heal your tendon. CBD alleviates inflammation, which is what's at the heart of Achilles tendinitis. By reducing the inflammation, it helps increase circulation to the tendon, which will help it heal. The CBD can also ease your pain in the short term so that walking on your foot is less painful.

How do you select a CBD cream for Achilles tendinitis?

Really, you can use any CBD cream on the market. If you already have one on hand that you were using for another reason, just use the same cream. But if you're going to be shopping for a CBD cream specifically for use on your tendon, here are a few things to look for:

  • Look for a stronger cream, such as a 2000 mg cream. You won't have to use as much cream at this strength.
  • Opt for a lightly scented cream so you can mask foot odor while also fighting tendinitis.
  • Look for a thinner cream rather than a really thick one. It will absorb into your skin more quickly so you can put your socks on faster.

How do you use CBD cream for Achilles tendinitis?

Simply apply the CBD cream to the painful area every couple of hours. Start by using about a half teaspoon. If this does not give you enough relief, you can use a little more the next time. Make sure you massage the cream into your skin really well so that it thoroughly absorbs into the tissues. Don't put your socks on until the cream is fully absorbed.

Using CBD cream for Achilles tendinitis is an easy, safe way to ease the pain and promote healing. If you have any lingering questions about CBD, ask a CBD retailer that offers products like 2000 mg CBD full-spectrum pain relief cream.