Why Some Men Choose Barbers Over Hairstylists

Depending on where you live, finding a barber can be difficult. Hairstylists might be much more available and you might wonder if there are any differences between barbers and stylists. Depending on the type of haircut you want, it might be worthwhile to drive farther to see a barber.

Barbers Have More Training and Experience with Men's Hairstyles

If you have a short haircut, a barber will be trained on how to perform certain types of cuts. You might want a flat top, a buzz cut, or a military cut. The amount of time that a barber spends learning about haircuts for men is greater than a hairstylist and they also spend more time each day cutting men's hair.

Barbers are Less Expensive

You might want a simple cut and you may want to save money. Receiving a simple cut from a hairstylist can be more expensive than from a barber. Therefore, it might be worthwhile to drive further out to see a barber.

Hairstylists are Better at Cutting Longer Hair

The length of your hair can determine whether you might prefer a hairstylist or a barber. Barbers tend to specialize in short haircuts for men while a hairstylist is a better option if you have long hair. Some barbers won't cut hair that is too long because they do not have the training. Most stylists are able to cut short hair but their specialty is in styling longer hair.

Hairstylists Sell Hair Products

You might want to choose a hairstylist because they sell products in addition to styling hair. For example, a hairstylist might sell various gels and shampoos. However, some of these products may be marked up and aren't necessarily any better than the products you can find at any other store.

Barbers Receive More Training on How to Cut Facial Hair

A barber is trained on how to trim and style a mustache or beard. They are able to use a sharp razor on a face effectively. Therefore, if you have facial hair, a barber might be a better option. However, there are both barbers and hairstylists who are trained on how to perform a hot lather shave. Still, a barber can usually give you more detailed advice on how to maintain your facial hair.

Depending on the type of barber you visit, you may receive additional perks such as a free shot of whiskey.

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