Protecting Your Skin Against Sun Damage

While you may enjoy spending time in the sun, the ultraviolet light that is shining on your skin can cause considerable damage. However, individuals may not be able to effectively protect their skin against the serious damage that excessive sunlight could cause.

Assumption: Sunscreen Is Only Needed On Sunny Days

One prevalent notion that people will have about using sunscreen is that it is only necessary on days when the sunlight is very intense. However, it is still necessary to wear sunscreen on days when there is cloud cover because the damaging wavelengths of sunlight will still be able to pass through. This could be strong enough to cause substantial burns that could be very painful and cause severe damage to the skin. Regular sunburns can substantially increase a person's risk of developing skin cancer.  

Assumption: Sunscreen Products Are Always Bad For Your Skin

There are many individuals that may be hesitant about using sunscreen due to concerns that it will be bad for their skin. In particular, they may worry about the sunscreen drying out their skin, contributing to acne, and creating other temporary problems. In reality, there are high-quality sunscreen products that will actually be good for your skin. An example of this could be mineral antioxidant sunscreens. These products can be an option that will provide you with the benefits of sunscreen while also helping to keep your skin healthy. These options can be especially important for those that have sensitive skin as they could be more likely to experience reactions or other issues with lower-quality sunscreens.

Assumption: Sunscreen Only Needs To Be Applied Once A Day

Sunscreen can be extremely effective at minimizing the amount of damage that the sunlight is able to cause. However, individuals need to be aware that the effectiveness of sunscreen can actually start to degrade over the course of the day. If they are to keep the sunscreen as effective as possible, you will need to apply the sunscreen several times over the course of the day. You can minimize this tendency by choosing water-resistant sunscreen products as they will be less prone to wash off due to sweat or water. While these products can be more durable, they should still be reapplied after several hours. If you are worried about forgetting to do this, setting an alert can help to remind you to take a few minutes to quickly reapply the sunscreen to any exposed skin that may be vulnerable to being damaged by the sunlight. 

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