Losing Collagen In Your Skin? Try Microneedling

If your skin feels or looks loose or less elastic than it did in your younger years, ask a cosmetic specialist about microneedling. As women and men age, they can lose collagen, elastin, and other valuable proteins in their skin. A loss of protein can make your skin appear loose or wrinkly. Microneedling can give your skin new life. Learn why your skin looks and feels less elastic and how microneedling can improve your skin below. Read More 

What Can You Do With Natural Balsam Fir Bar Soap?

Soap is a ubiquitous product in everyday life. People use soap for a variety of tasks, such as washing their hands, cleaning their dishes, and laundering their clothing, but perhaps the most intimate use of soap is as a body cleanser. Caring for your body is important, which is why it pays to pay attention to the kinds of products you put on your skin. Balsam fir bar soap is made from natural ingredients that are gentle and effective. Read More 

Prepare For A Color Correction Procedure

A brassy undertone or chunks of highlighted hair that tend to overpower surrounding strands may cause you to feel discontent with your appearance. A color correction process is a service offered at many salons. This process will involve an initial consultation and the application of a toner or a semi-permanent or permanent dye. The Consultation A hair colorist will consult with you in advance. This will aid them in determining the current state of your hair, including the health of your hair strands. Read More 

Tips For A Better, Smoother Beard Shave

When you shave your beard, do you feel like you then need to hide for a few days and let the hair grow back a little? Or do you look and the mirror and smile, instantly pleased with the results? If you fall into the first camp, it's time to take action. Here are some tips for a better, smoother beard shave. Use a brand-new razor blade every time. The hair on your face is so much tougher and thicker than the hair on other body parts. Read More 

4 Top Reasons To Attend Esthetics School

Have you often dreamed of a career in the beauty industry? Enrolling in an esthetics school would be your first step in making your dream come true. An esthetics school program will teach health skin care techniques, including facials, makeup application, and facials. You also learn how to run your own beauty business, including writing a business plan and developing the business.  There are several good reasons to enroll in an esthetics school: Read More