Using CBD Cream For Achilles Tendinitis

Achilles tendinitis can be a real pain in the heel. It's important to see a doctor or podiatrist to rule out the possibility of an actual tear in the tendon. But once that's crossed off the list, you'll generally just be told to manage the tendinitis with rest, pain relievers, and other conservative therapies. In addition to the typical remedies your doctors recommend, you may want to try using some CBD cream. Read More 

Tips For Using An Exfoliating Body Scrub

Using an exfoliating body scrub can be a great way to loosen and remove dead skin, and even alleviate some mild body acne. There are lots of scrubs on the market. You should choose one that you feel confident in, and one that is compatible with your skin type. Most scrubs come with basic instructions on the back, but there are a few additional guidelines to follow for success. Use your hands or a soft cloth. Read More 

Why It’s So Important To Work With A Hair Color Specialist

You might be interested in coloring your hair, but you could be thinking about doing it yourself or just having it done by any hairstylist who offers these services in your area. Instead, though, anytime that you are thinking about adding dye to your hair, you will probably find that it's a good idea to work with a hair color specialist in particular. It's important to do this for the following reasons and more. Read More 

Reducing Stress Placed Upon Hair Strands

If you are prone to having strands of hair that break easily, you likely want to stop this process from occurring so your style remains exactly as you like. There are several steps that, when taken, protect hair strands from breakage. Reduce The Amount Of Hair Care Procedures Used If you overuse your hair, it breaks. Because of this, it is wise to refrain from performing unnecessary procedures on your hair so that your strands remain as healthy as possible. Read More 

Laser Hair Removal: Where Can You Have It Done?

Laser hair removal is a growing trend when it comes to having more permanent hair removal done on your body. Most people who have a single session of laser hair removal done come back for further treatments. Where can you have laser hair removal done? You can have this treatment done on a variety of body parts, although some may be more sensitive than others. Learn the most common areas where laser hair removal is done; in order to get the best results, you will need to return for multiple treatments. Read More