3 Reasons To Purchase Halo Style Hair Extensions

It seems that most people are looking for ways to improve and/or change their hair. This is something that can be a lot of fun. One way to change up and also improve your hair is to get hair extensions. A great source of hair extensions is halo extensions. As the name states, these extensions are in the shape of a halo, that isn't closed, and they go around your hair. Read More 

3 Excellent Services Offered At A Barbershop

Most barbershops offer a variety of excellent services that most men really enjoy and find to be very beneficial. This article will talk about 3 of these services in particular: Straight Razor Shave  One service offered by most barbershops that men seem to really enjoy is a straight razor shave. This is a classic way of shaving using a razor that has sharp edges for shaving. The barber will start off by placing a warm cloth on your face to loosen up the hair follicles and soften your skin. Read More 

Do Your Split Ends Prevent You From Growing Out Your Hair? What Are Your Options?

If you've always wished for long, flowing locks, you may find your efforts repeatedly foiled by the development of split ends that require you to get a trim to avoid further damage. Unfortunately, split ends can be a fact of life for many, and those who frequently put their hair in a ponytail or live in hot, dry climates may find that their hair is especially vulnerable to splitting. Are there any options that can provide you with smooth, frizz-free locks in the length you desire? Read More 

Have Cancer And Purchased A Wig? Types Of Wig Stands And How To Care For The Wig

If you have cancer and have lost your hair due to chemotherapy, a wig would be a great way to give you hair until your normal hair grows back. If you have purchased a wig, you need to also purchase accessories to go along with it, as well as take proper care of the wig. One type of accessory you should start with is a wig stand from a place like Wigmate. Read More 

Color Preservation For Newbies: It’s About Much More Than Your Shampoo

If you're dipping your toes -- or your roots -- into the world of hair color for the first time, you've likely already heard that preserving the color, even on permanent dye jobs, is going to be somewhat tough, if not outright difficult. But the fading is normal for semi-permanent (the dye that lasts a few weeks) and not always that noticeable for permanent jobs. Still, the longer you can keep the color and the brighter you can keep it, the better it will look. Read More